Individually and as a team we offer a unique blend of experience from across the world, we are committed to supporting the emergence of new services throughout the world to enable people with a disability to gain access to their rights and aspirations.

We can offer


  • Policy and Practice for increasing access through technology
  • Universal design for learning and access
  • Developing Assistive Technology Services
  • Supporting people with a disability in employment through technology
  • Integrating Assistive Technology into existing services
  • Supporting procurement of accessible technology and products


  • Supporting people with a range of needs including physical, sensory, intellectual and complex needs
  • Developing the AT ecosystem
  • Developing organisational policy and practice
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Integrating AT into the Curriculum

Access Audits 

  • Access to the built environment according to international standards

eAccessibility services

  • Web accessibility audit, review and advice
  • PDF Accessibility

Individual Assessments

  • Evaluation and recommendation for technology for individuals and groups of persons with a disability

Localisation of Open source Assistive Technology

  • Supporting the development of open source products for use within new language communities and cultures